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Kawakawa has been recorded as being used internally to tone the kidneys and help with stomach problems. The leaves were also turned in a poultice and applied topically to treat skin abrasions, boils, abscesses and other ailments. It was also used for rheumatism and other aches and pains, including toothache.

Many years ago a kaumatua told me a beautiful love story about kawakawa. So it goes - when Tānemahuta created the ngahere he saved a very special taonga until last. The kawakawa. And this is why it is often found on the outer part of the bush. This taonga was left until last as a final koha to show his love for his mother, hence it being heart shaped. The loving bond between mother and son can heal many wounds.

These whakakai (earrings) are created from tubing destined for landfill. Each pair is unique and cut and etched by hand.

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